Coffee Storage Silos

Tecnocaffè builds and sells silos for the storage of green, roasted and/or ground coffee. There are solutions of various sizes, capacities and shapes – circular, square, rectangular and polygonal – to optimize space. The silos can be made of iron or stainless steel and equipped with inspection portholes, level indicators, manual or pneumatic shutters. The systems are built and assembled with components that allow to protect the contents from temperature variations and atmospheric agents that can compromise their organoleptic properties.
The coffee storage silos are integrated with handling systems developed to protect and preserve the integrity of the roasted product. Obviously, the entire process is automated to guarantee precise, punctual and efficient procedures. The solutions offered are aimed at both small and large companies, offering each one the correct storage and handling mechanism of the product according to their production needs.

Used coffee storage silos

Customers can decide whether to purchase new and custom designed silos or use the used department. This solution allows to save money by choosing from a complete range of second-hand silos but completely overhauled by Tecnocaffè’s technicians, who recover used machinery and subject them to a careful control. The used silos are tested and, only if they respect high levels of performance, they are inserted inside the Used section. In this way, the customer has the certainty to buy a machine equal to the new one but at a much more advantageous price.
Tecnocaffè’s programmed and extraordinary assistance and maintenance service is also available on the coffee storage silos. During the purchase, according to the customer’s production needs, a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance contract is stipulated.