It is with great pleasure and mutual satisfaction that since 2018 Tecnocaffè has made an important collaboration becoming the exclusive installer for Italy of ReiCat catalysts, a collaboration that in a few years has already brought our catalysts in some of the most important industrial realities in the world of coffee as: Caffitaly, Verwerkaf, Hausbrandt, Caffè Corsini.

ReiCat develops processes and plants for industrial customers in order to efficiently use noble gases and purify noxious gases in compliance with current regulations (D. Lgs. 152/06). The ReiCat Catalyst is therefore the heart of every gas and exhaust gas purification plant.

At the center of the development of all our systems we put the responsible management of energy resources. Our state-of-the-art products, which stand out for their cost-effectiveness and reliability, are our strength. We quickly find individual solutions to problems thanks to our proven and economical modular system.
ReiCat combines catalyst and gas know-how. Based on our test and pilot plants we are constantly working on optimizing our products with regard to cost, efficiency and reliability. We manufacture our products in accordance with applicable codes and standards (including DIN, EN, ASME, CHINA STAMP, GOST) and offer engineering support worldwide.

With ReiCat you too can plan the future of treatment, purification and recycling of technical and exhaust gases and reduction of harmful emissions into the air as required by European and Italian environmental standards (D. Lgs. 152/06).


During the coffee roasting process, harmful substances are produced, mainly in the form of hydrocarbons (CxHy), which are dangerous for both health and the environment (COT, formaldehyde and NOx), as well as fumes and unpleasant odours. Through a combination of techniques, these micro particles, odors, fumes and hydrocarbons are converted by ReiCat Catalysts into harmless substances such as water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
Thanks to our catalysts, Italian roasters (both small roasters and internationally renowned companies) can obtain the following main advantages:
– Reduction of emissions into the atmosphere – D. Lgs. 152/06
(COT < 35 mg/Nm³; Formaldehyde < 15 mg/Nm³; NOx < 350 mg/Nm³ – with
VitarNOx® modules)
– Complete elimination of odorous emissions (Legislative Decree 15/11/2017 – olfactory harassment)
– Complete elimination of fumes
– Net energy saving (more than 50% compared to fume burner)
– Elimination of fire risk compared to metal catalysts by using ceramic components inside the catalyst.
The ReiCat company developed in 2018 a new catalytic system with electric blower called ReiCatino®: the new ally of small roasters to produce in complete freedom without problems of smoke and olfactory harassment.
In recent years in Italy, as in the rest of Europe, there has been a continuous increase of controls carried out by the Regional Agencies for Environmental Protection and other institutions in the field of roasting. The integration of the European laws VOC Guideline in the Italian order (D.Lgs. 152/06) leads and will lead more and more all companies in the field of roasting to limit emissions into the atmosphere.
ReiCat catalysts are suitable for all types of roasting machinery (from 1 Kg up to 720 Kg/cycle) and are divided into two main categories


The ReiCat Gourmet Catalyst provides a compact solution for small and medium roasters that eliminates odors and fumes and reduces energy consumption by 50%.
– Suitable for roasters from 30-50-60 Kg/cycle


The ReiCat Industrial Catalyst is designed for medium to large roasters. ReiCat provides a system that allows companies to respect environmental limits and halve energy consumption.
– Suitable for roasting machines from 60-120 Kg up to 720 Kg/cycle.