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Tecnocaffe a 70 years history

It all began in the 40's as a passionate vision of the young Bernardini Quintilio, known by the Roman's blenders as "Alvaro", the adventure which led to the nowadays enterprise Tecnocaffe. Based on his little workshop "Alvaro" started by mounting chimney flue, going through the installation of small blending machines for little shops, increasing the outfitting dimension an complexity over time, up to the 60's when he started the installation of full industrial facilities for coffee manufacturing. Since the beginning leading guidelines of this Enterprise are expertise, conscientiousness, correctness, honesty and respect for our customers, all these values have been transposed to me by my Father by working side by side with him, and make us to be worthy partner of many of the main Italian Companies in the field of blending. Today my employees, my Family and me following the ideals stated by "Alvaro", continue to work with the old passion reinforced by the most modern and efficient machineries in our Plant based in Ariccia.
Today as in the past the passion we apply to our work makes the difference.